A complete product development effort, from early concept development and ideation through to aesthetic DFM prototype.
PlyoTower is a revolutionary new plyometrics system designed by one of the world’s leading jump trainers.
Unlike conventional plyo boxes, PlyoTower easily adjusts in one inch increments (from 14 to 46 inches) to maximize athletic performance gains.
PlyoTower has been specifically engineered to be strong and durable, yet its compact size and portability make it the perfect fit for the gym and home alike.
The PlyoTower is easy to operate, adaptable to any user, and built with safety in mind.
And unlike other plyo boxes, PlyoTower is designed for use in water.  Hydro training is a critical component of the most effective jump training workouts, and there is simply no other product in the world that meets this need like PlyoTower.  With its grippy elastomer surface and padded edges, PlyoTower is perfectly safe to use with bare feet underwater. 
Not only is the Plyotower excellent for athletes competing in quick-twitch sports, it also shows great promise as an instrument of hydro rehabilitation for physical therapy.  In addition, training with a Plyotower in the water is also viable for aging adults.

PlyoTower Features and Benefits:

- Adjustable Height in 1″ Increments from 14 to 46 Inches
- Built-In Wheels for Easy Portability
- Rugged Enough for Constant Professional Use by 300lb Athletes
- Water-Safe Design for Use in Hydro Training and Rehabilitation
- Lower Cost than buying a set of plyo boxes
- Padded Edges for safer use
- Collapses to small size for easy storage
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