I specialize in Product Design and Development, with an emphasis on mechanical design, manufacturing, and ideation. It is my belief that good products arise from working through the design process and I am skilled at all phases of the product development lifecycle, from concept and prototyping through volume production.
I have designed production parts using a wide variety of manufacturing processes with both foreign and domestic vendors, and can estimate tooling and part costs with reasonable accuracy in the early phases of development. I am comfortable interacting directly with clients, vendors, investors, and potential customers.
I place a strong emphasis on the creative/conceptual phases of a project, including human factors and user experience. I enjoy collaboration with talented Industrial Designers to ensure that products are the very best that they can be.
I have 16 years experience using Solidworks as my primary CAD system for 3D modeling, and employ various advanced techniques including master modeling, complex surfacing, and multi-part assemblies.
More than anything, I enjoy blank-slate projects where the goal is to innovate and impress, to design products that stand apart from the competition.
When I'm not designing or building things, I enjoy taking pictures, falling and flying through the air, climbing big rocks, playing with fun vehicles, exploring new places, and unique t-shirts.

Core Competencies
•    Product Design and Development
•    Concept Development + Ideation
•    Prototyping + Mock-ups
•    Intellectual Property Development
•    Product + Team Management
•    Mechanical Systems Design + Integration
•    Manufacturing Processes + Materials
•    Design For Manufacturing (DFM) / DFx
•    Bill of Materials (BOM) Development
•    Hardgoods User Experience (UX) + Human Factors
•    Solidworks 3D CAD Modeling
DFx Manufacturing Methods:
•    Multi-Shot Injection Molding
•    Sheetmetal Bending + Stamping
•    Machining
•    Weldment Structures
•    Compression Molding
•    Rotomolding
•    Composites
•    Cast Urethane
•    Potted Electronics
•    Thermoforming + Vacuum forming
•    Electromechanical Assemblies
•    Cable Assemblies
•    Rapid Prototyping (FDM, SLS, SLA, DMLS)
Hands-On Skills
•    Machining - mill, lathe, etc
•    Welding - TIG, MIG, Oxy, Arc
•    Simple circuitry / harness design
•    Prototyping / In-House FDM 3D Printer
•    Simple mold making
•    Electric Vehicle systems
•    Intuitive Aerodynamics
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