My clients range from aspiring inventors and startups, to international design firms and companies. I've worked with multidisciplinary teams on a wide range of projects, and can quickly get up to speed on any project - or lead a new one.
Industries served:
- Consumer Products + Electronics
- Biotech + Medical Devices
- Aero-stuff
- Agriculture + Growing + Processing
- Industrial + Commercial Equipment
- Intellectual Property
- Vehicles and Transportation
What my clients are saying:
"Zac brought new life to my product design with an innovative, patentable design resulting in a game-changing product.  Out of all the engineers I have worked with over the years, Zac, by far, is the best at taking an idea and bringing it to fruition." 
- Kurt Hausheer, Kuldemaekr Vertical Solutions (PlyoTower)

Companies I've Worked With:
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